Tech Tips: How to Become a Miner for Bitcoin?

Bitcoins have become the latest strategy for currency transactions. It is considered one of the best means of investment. Cryptocurrencies such as bitcoins use very complex algorithms in the transaction. It works on the basis of a blockchain concept. Using a specific mathematical equation the blocks get added to the chain. A computer system that identifies this complex equation and finds the solution will benefit by receiving these coins. This we refer to as the mining of bitcoins.

It is a complex procedure and understanding requires more experience for transacting. Also, the computers that should be used must have a well-defined and high-quality central processing unit. There are specific hardware manufacturers who use the field programmable gate array technology that helps them in purchasing bulk chips to customize for the mining needs. There are also application specific integrated circuits which can work at very high speeds that one cannot even imagine. Using such high technology components can make us good miners. It is as spirited as the new flashlights available in the market. It has been equipped with high technology features that let them work exclusively. Read more about them on trulycoin.

There are also other methods to become great miners. There pay per share concept where each person receives an immediate payment for a share solved by the person. There is also the pool concept where the entire pool finds one. Each person in the pool gets a specific number of shares. There is also bitcoin mining software that is developed specifically for this purpose. We can give in the required information and let the software completely work for us. This has also received huge competition as it is equipped with great algorithms and mining concepts. Choose the best option and decide to a great miner indeed.

New-Tech: Less Common Types of Flashlights

Although we live in a world that is well-powered and has a continuous supply of electricity, portable light sources come in handy on several occasions. Flashlights, torches, or emergency lamps are the most common types of portable devices.

However, there are some newer but less common types of flashlights that are currently available. These serve different purposes because of their unique features. Here is a quick tour around the new techs that are less common but still powerful.

  1. There are flashlights that are manufactured exclusively with the intention that its user may control the amount of light required at a particular time. In such flashlights, precision and dexterity are very important. These flashlights help you adjust the brightness of the LED (light emitting diode) and finds use as cop lights, strobe lights, flashing lights, and even as warning lights.
  2. Another less common yet highly specific type of flashlights is the flashlights of a working professional. Here the flashlights enable you to set down the required amount of light that needs to work on a particular task.
  3. There is another class of flashlights that are the size of a bullet. They are commonly referred to as the mini tactical flashlights that have LEDs as the light source. These flashlights are so small, compact, bright, and easy to carry around. In addition, these flashlights are tough, waterproof, and fireproof.
  4. Another less common type of flashlights is the ones that are exclusively used for signaling purposes. For example, these powerful flashlights have excellent throw and may be used to signal distress, send out SOS (save our souls) message, and even used as a signaling torch in the rail industry.
  5. There is yet another class of flashlights that are gaining popularity. These are the powerful and brightest portable flashlights. The main advantage of these flashlights is that these can be used any time you want and provide the strongest beam that is ever available.

Hostgator v/s Godaddy Hosting – Why Hostgator Hosting is Better ?

Do you want to know why Hostgator is better in hosting than Godaddy? Then here are some amazing comparisons for you which show that Hostgator hosting company is better when compared to Godaddy hosting.

Hostgator and Godaddy are the two most popular companies in the world of web hosting. Even though Godaddy is the major leading domain name registrar, Hostgator is the popular as well as leading web hosting provider. Here are some comparisons between the Hostgator and Godaddy to choose which is best based on many parameters like uptime, customer support, performance as well as quality.


The sites of the Hostgator are hosted by their Dallas data centers which are equipped well and connected to ten backbone providers. In addition, Hostgator make an investment of million dollars every year so as to provide new technologies for the people in terms of better performance. They have totally 12000 servers under their management at Texas, US. Godaddy will provide 99.9% uptime for their customers and the servers of Godaddy will run on the processors of Core i7.

Speed Test:

Speed is usually a very important factor when it comes to the web host. So the speed of both the Godaddy as well as Hostgator is checked by using the Pingdom tool. In this test, Hostgator only takes 1.52 seconds for loading whereas the Godaddy is very slow in that and it takes almost 3.10 seconds. From this, you may come to know that Hostgator is the better one in loading when compared with Godaddy and also the speed of Hostgator is twice the speed of Godaddy.

Response Time:

The performance of the Hostgator, as well as Godaddy, is made to be tested for around 30 days and from this test, it is clearly known that the response time of Hostgator is better when compared to the response time of the Godaddy. In this test also the Hostgator beats the Godaddy by means of quick response time.


The next test which is made to be performed between Hostgator and Godaddy is the benchmark test ‘GtMetrix’. In this test also, the result clearly shows that Hostgator provides better page speed as well as response time. Hostgator just takes 0.8 sec to load whereas the Godaddy takes 1.6 sec to load and it shows that the Hostgator hosting is better than the Godaddy.

User Interface:

Hostgator makes use of cPanel which is the most common control panel and processing is also easy so that you don’t require a geek. You can also check Hostgator vs Godaddy Hosting review to know even more details about Hostgator. Moreover, it provides you everything which is needed for you. Since it is an interface which is user-friendly, it is boon to every beginner who doesn’t have more experience in this kind of platform.

Godaddy makes use of control panel which is customized on its own and it also offers script installers which will be similar to the conventional features of cPanel. Even though the feature looks similar, the interface of the Godaddy differs from the Panel. This control panel used by Godaddy is not that much good to your eyes when compared to the cPanel but it can be used in a quick manner.

Reliability & Customer Support:

Customer support is a very important term which defines the consumer life. If the customer support is provided in a better manner then the reliability will also be in a better manner. You may also ask that whether the Hostgator is available for all the customers or it has any grievances. Here is the answer for you, Hostgator consists of 850 employers so as to provide superior support for the customers and they also offer a better ticketing system.

Hostgator also allows you to tell your complaints by means of email or call and your issues will be solved quickly even it is raised from email as well as a ticketing system. Godaddy also was known as the service king for domain registration and this name will not be there without an amazing support team. Similar to the Hostgator, Godaddy also provides live chat as well as a ticketing system and this helps you to contact them any time to solve your issues.

Plans & Pricing:

The Hostgator hosting company provides three plans for the customers …

Tips Making a YouTube Channel and Screen Recording

Creating a screen recording is a great way to share helpful tips and advice with YouTube followers. There are many different programmes which can be used to help record your screen, although there is also a feature on YouTube which allows you to do this. Here, we will look at some tips to help you make a screen recording to add to your YouTube channel.

Depending on what the topic of your channel is, screen recording can be a really great way to make your channel more authentic. If you also record audio, you can talk viewers through what you are doing and help them get to know you a bit better – it makes your videos feel more personal and real.

To get started recording a screen, you can first browse and download a suitable programme. Each has its own methods, and there are usually instructions provided to help you get started. Then, the video can simply be uploaded to your channel just like any other video on your PC.

If you wish to record a screencast directly from YouTube, first select upload, then choose event under the Live Streaming section. Ensure the video is set to private, then continue to go live. You can choose to use the webcam and/or microphone during recording, and there is also the option for screensharing, which is what you’ll need to use to make a screen recording.

This process is really simple, once you’ve tried it once you will be sure to use it again and again. You can use the feature to help teach users something new, or to share something interesting you have found. If you want to increase your YouTube following, you can views kaufen YouTube. This means you can buy real views on your channel, giving it more authority and helping rank higher in searches.…