5 Ways to Save Money With Tech Tricks Anyone Can Do in a Few Minutes

Many people assume that our ancestors lived simply and they were thrifty and saved money, while the youngsters are spending too much money on technical gadgets. What many people do not realize is that there are many small hacks that these tech-savvy people use not only to save but they can make some extra money as well. Here are our top methods to save money using some ingenious ways.

  1. You can easily sell all the electronic junk for some money. This will help you to clean the clutter from your home and earn some money in the bargain. Many sellers launch schemes where you can get a new device in an exchange with of an older model. Even the older non-working models can be sold as their parts may be used for repairs.
  2. There are many sites that would like to know more about your spending habits and anyway, your information is being used by many other bigger companies. So you can allow the apps to track your footprints in lieu of money that can help you save some dough.
  3. One of the biggest methods to save money is to use as many discount coupons as possible. Many of these are apps and mobile based, helping people to shops and save on the go.CouponoBox can help you to save a huge amount of money, without really being thrifty.
  4. When you want to save money, there are many online apps that can help you to track your expenses and analyze them. This will help you to be careful while spending.
  5. Ensure that you purchase items after careful scrutiny and comparison of prices across the various seller websites. You should avoid impulsive purchases and ensure that even the smallest amount of money is well spent.

Saving money is not as difficult as people assume it to be. Once you put your mind to this task then you can take care of the smaller details and then slowly these tricks become a part of your way of life. It will be easy to think and spend every time you go to the stores. This will help you to save a lot of money over a period of time.…

Technology: Virtual Reality and the Automotive Industry

Technology has taken each and every industry by storm. Virtual reality (VR) is an upcoming technology that is being received with open arms by all the industries, all over the world. The automotive industry that is always ready to take on any technical advancement, has not hesitated to embrace this technology.

One can read not only about the engines of cars on www.247spares.co.uk/engines/ but can get an insight into upcoming technological changes too.

Here is how we anticipate VR to influence the automotive industry and the engines of the vehicles in particular:

Inside View

The VR technology can show the customers how the engine works at different speeds and torque, etc. the engine performance is one of the most important criteria that decides the success of a vehicle. When technology can show the customer how the engine works at ease or strains on different terrains, it can help him decide better.

Also, this is a great boon for the designing and technical team while the car is being manufactured. They get a chance to see how the engine works and test the performance on VR trails. This enables them to make alterations at ease, without much expenditure.


The engine performs differently on different terrains. When the road is smooth and empty, the engine does not strain or make much noise. This is generally the type of test drives a customer gets and is hence impressed, only to be disappointed later when the engine strains on difficult terrains.

With VR, the customer can test drive the vehicle on bumps, steep slopes, rough terrains, potholes, etc. This will not only give him an idea and a close to the real feel of the vehicle in different conditions but also save a lot of money caused due to wear and tear, for the manufacturer.

VR technology is here to stay and take this industry by storm. Right from the way the vehicles are designed to the way they are sold will be influenced and helped along by this technology.…

Die Geschichte hinter YouTube

Es gibt über 400 Tweets mit einem YouTube-Link jede Minute auf Twitter; Facebook hat Videos, die fast 150 Jahre wert sind. YouTube ist der erste Ort, an dem weltweit jeder nach Videos sucht. Lassen Sie uns ein wenig hinter den Anfängen dieser spielverändernden Video-Sharing-Website herausfinden.
Chad Hurley, Jawed Karim und Steve Chen sind die Namen, die Sie sich merken müssen, wenn Sie mehr Infos hier über YouTube, weil sie die Gründer dieser Website mit Sitz in Kalifornien sind. Diese ehemaligen Mitarbeiter von PayPal haben diese Website im Februar 2005 erstellt und den Domain-Namen www.youtube.com am Valentinstag registriert, sondern erst im November 2005 gestartet. Angesichts seines immensen Potenzials kaufte Google ihn 2006 für 1,65 Milliarden Dollar.

YouTube begann ursprünglich nicht als eine Video-Sharing-Website, sondern sollte eine Dating-Website in den Zeilen von Hot or Not sein. Es sollte “Tune In, Hook Up” heißen. Die Grundidee war, dass Nutzer ihre eigenen Videos posten und andere entscheiden lassen, ob sie “hook Up” wollen. Doch es wurde schließlich auf die lange Bank geschoben.
Was eigentlich zu YouTube geführt hat, so wie wir es kennen, war zuerst die Unfähigkeit von Tschad und Hurley, Dinner-Videos hochzuladen, die sie in einer Wohnung gedreht haben, und zweitens Karim Enttäuschung darüber, dass sie Janet Jacksons Kleidervideos nirgendwo gefunden haben.

Das erste Video, das jemals auf YouTube gepostet wurde, war das von Jawed Karim im Zoo von San Diego vor einem Elefanten. Die Firma hat den Beta-Test im Mai 2005 der Öffentlichkeit unterzogen. Und das allererste Video, das eine Million Views erreichte, war das von Ronaldinho in einer Nike-Werbung, die seinen Ball jonglierte.
Als Google diesen massiven Erfolg der Website sah, kaufte sie und startete 2007 das “YouTube Partner Program”, das es jedem, der Inhalte geteilt hat, ermöglichte, Ruhm zu erlangen, wenn ihre Videos gemocht wurden.…

Children and Video Games: A Complete Parent’s Guide

It is very essential to monitor the activity of your children especially when they work with technological gadgets.  It has become inevitable on the part of parents to learn the fundamentals of technology to safeguard their children.  Though there are numerous benefits of technology, there are evil effects like the development of violence, lack of physical exercise etc. which can affect the entire life of a child.  Read on to know complete details about video games which children play so that you can ensure safe use:

What to play:  The parent should be the person who decides what the child has to play.  Video games have a rating.  Select those games with rating suitable for use according to the age of your child.  The child can play those games without risk.

How much time to play:  Children get so much addicted to gadgets that they spend long hours playing with those gadgets and end up spoiling their health.  They face the risk of becoming obese and diabetic at a very young age.  Hence it is important to restrict the hours for which a child can play video games.  Also, such a restriction is needed to protect the eyesight of the child.  Ensure the children play with other toys too.  There is a wide range of other toys available with StarWalkKids which make the kids creative and innovative.

Ensuring:  Talk to parents of your kids’ friends before you send them to their home for playing.  Be frank that you are not comfortable for letting your children play unsuitable games.

Participation: Play along with them to monitor and guide them better.

If properly used, video games provide motivation and improve grades of the children at school.

Educate the children that they should never download anything or do anything which costs money while using video games.  By implementing the above steps you can make video games do a lot of good for the growth of your child.…

The Robots Are Coming – Will They Really Take All Our Jobs?

There are many who feel that the bot era is not far away. With artificial intelligence systems getting better at mimicking human decision-making processes, with the automation taking over several processes in the workflow, there is one question in everyone’s mind – ‘Will the bots take over our jobs?’

It is tricky to answer the question without giving a little introduction to what artificial intelligence or the use of bots is all about. When we talk about bots they are not always human-like structures mechanized to move around and perform several activities. Bots are pieces of code that can be written in different programming languages so as to perform a given task – take an input, process the information based on the defined set of rules and give an output. This type of computation is upgraded with practical features like self-learning capacities to improve the decision-making process, natural language processing abilities to understand human language better and to give better responses and other such sophistication that make the bot more convenient to use.

Bots can allow employees to concentrate on tasks that add value

The whole purpose of developing bots is to automate the tasks that take time. And there are strenuous redundant tasks especially for businesses like van leasing companies where the smallest error can lead to major problems. Such activities can all be automated with the help of bots. So the employees can leave out the mundane roles and take up tasks that actually help them in additional value to the company and improve their career.

Bots can create new roles

While several jobs might be obsolete after bots take them over, there would be plenty of new opportunities that come up. The transition time might be a tough phase to cross but this can be seen as a chance to get your skill set updated so as to be ready for better jobs.…