Tips Using Technology to Help Older Adults Keep Their Independence

Old age will no longer mean losing one’s independence as cutting-edge technology is here to make the homes smarter and safer for this generation. With memory and mobility issues the most common problems faced by them is that of fire from unattended cooking equipment, running water in the tub. Walk-in baths and stairlifts have made life easier to a large extent but there is still scope for more. A few technologies worth checking out.

  1. Invest in a GPS Smart sole, and attach it to your loved one’s shoe. This was you can be always aware of where they are on your smart devices. There are other GPS enabled devices that they can wear and remove easily. You will get a notification if the battery is low or removed.
  2. Personalized technology to send reminders for medication doses, daily exercise routine and so on.
  3. It is now possible to connect your smartphone with your parents’ Fitbit and get an insight into their daily routine and note any changes promptly.
  4. Apps on the smartphone to connect with doctors virtually when unwell. This is very well complimented by online pharmacies which will be able to send medications without them having to wait for the opening of the pharmacy or go in person.
  5. Devices that record personalized messages and reminders and broadcast it at scheduled timing in the house. You can set it up for giving a reminder about medication or having dinner or about an upcoming event. There are also devices which remind users to take their medication and in case that reminder is forgotten they beep and even if that goes unnoticed, they inform the caregiver or a related family member.
  6. For the lonely seniors, there are robot companions which not only give company but also work as alarm clocks and give reminders. All these devices are connected to the home security system.

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The Best Weight-Loss Technology You Need To Try In 2019

Technology has always been a great companion for those struggling with weight loss. Right from finding the most suitable weight loss routines for your weight goals to tracking your diet there are plenty of things you can do with technology. Here are some of the cool new weight loss tech that you cannot miss in 2019 –

Fitness rings are the new fitness bands

Wearable technology has explosively grown over the recent few years. Most people already own a fitness band to wear on the wrist. For the minimalists, there is the fitness ring now. It provides comprehensive monitoring of fitness and can be a boon for the fitness conscious people.

Smart beds are in

There are smart appliances around the house and now comes the smart bed! These are very useful for those who are worried about the quality of sleep they get. These beds are designed to monitor sleep patterns and provide a comfortable place to rest.

Smart weighing scales

Every time you step on your weighing scale what if you could get a detailed report of your body mass index, muscle mass, bone mass, body fat percentage and other such information? There are smart weighing scales that can do this today.

Hydration did right with smart water bottles

There are smart water bottles that can be tracked and synced with a smartphone app. They then work on the basis of your weight and fitness plans. The bottles recommend the required daily intake of water and guide you so as to consume the required amounts the right way.

Weight loss supplements

There have been numerous new weight loss supplements added in the market. There are also appetite suppressants that help control your hunger pangs so that you do not eat anything unhealthy. Visit WeKratom if you are new to using supplements.…