Fashion Technology: 10 Futuristic Materials You Should Know About

When you are able to find gucci bags replica at a cheap price then it would definitely be a steal deal. But if you need the same quality and the same level of grandeur that the original product displays then you cannot get it even in the most genuine looking replicas. The difference here is in the choice of materials. Fine quality materials result in posh looking products that are hard to replicate. There are various materials that are popularly used in clothing and fashion accessories currently. But people love change and we see a lot of new designers welcome new materials which either make the product more affordable or make it eco-friendly. Here is a list of such futuristic materials which are likely to dominate the fashion industry in the future –

  1. Spray-on fabric – as the name indicates you simply spray the fluid out of a can to create fabric on the spot
  2. Smart fabric that can change colors –the trigger for the reaction could be different but the result would be a new color on your bags or clothes every single time.
  3. Pollution detecting fabrics like the ones designed by Sue Ngo and Nien Lam which can warn you when there are harmful levels of hazardous pollutants.
  4. There are sprays that can make any fabric water repellant but water repellant fabrics would soon be a reality.
  5. To make clothes antibacterial and to allow sun blocking nanotechnology in textiles is becoming popular.
  6. Holographic fabric with its unique sheen from every angle
  7. BioCouture and other types of fabrics synthesized from natural materials to make the end result eco-friendly.
  8. Interactive fabric that can react to sound or light and other stimuli
  9. Micronutrient Couture- a range of edible fabric
  10. Smart polymers for sports people – the fabric that is flexible and super tough at the same time.