The network consists of 12 partners, located in the United Kingdom, Belgium, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Israel, Poland and Greece and of one associated industrial partner from Switzerland. There is a strong involvement of industry in both research and training, as the specific perspectives of applying Neuroelectronics and Network-Neurosciences to (retinal) Neuroprosthetics and to the development of drug-screening tools are among the inspiring ideas of the ITN since its conception.

Academic Partners

Michele Giugliano (Antwerpen, Belgium)Eleni Vasilaki (Sheffield, UK)Yiota Poirazi (Heraklion, Greece)Micha Spira (Jerusalem, Israel)Arnaud Magrez (Lausanne, Switzerland)Luca Berdondini (Genova, Italy)Daniel Wójcik (Warsaw, Poland)Miloš Nesládek (Hasselt, Belgium)Ulrich Egert (Freiburg, Germany)Martin Stelzle (Reutlingen, Germany)

Level 1 Industry Partners

Janssen Pharmaceutica (Beerse, Belgium)3Brain (Landquart, Switzerland)

Associated Industry Partner

Gersteltec Engineering Solutions (Lausanne, Switzerland)