Network neuroscience structure and dynamics


This workshop is a satellite event to the 22nd Annual Computational Neuroscience Meeting, to be held in July in Paris (France). The workshop has been selected on a competitive base among many other proposals. It will gather leading experts in the field of network neurosciences, to discuss how the information processed and stored by neural populations depends on their structure. The workshop specifically aims at discussing how one can efficiently enlighten the two-way road, linking structure and function. Through its 8 invited talks, the workshop focuses on five major key issues:

  1. Which connectivity measures and complex network properties are most appropriate to map function and behavior of groups of neurons, at multiple scales?

  2. Connectivity motifs have been identified as characteristic networks building blocks: do they find their raison d’être in structure itself, or in their capability to store and process information, or, as suggested by recent evidence, also in short-term dynamics of excitatory synaptic transmission?

  3. How can one distinguish and study the innate (intrinsic and unsupervised properties of neuronal circuits) and experience-related structure/function properties (i.e. learning and the interplay between dynamics and circuit rewiring/re-tuning)?

  4. Given the spiking history, how many neurons one needs to record to infer their connectivity, and other features of the network?

  5. What can one learn on neuron-network (micro-to-macro) interactions in both dynamics and structural aspects? To what extent structure and\or activity at the network and single neuron level constrain each other?

We warmly welcome all interested attendees and we look forward to an exciting event.

The organizers

Michele Giugliano      and       Daniele Marinazzo

Univ. Antwerpen                    Univ. Ghent, Belgium



invited speakers



We are glad to announce 13 additional selected contributed short talks from

J. Cortes               (Ikerbasque-Biocruces)                                        B. de Sancristóbal (Universitat Pompeu Fabra)

M. Dhamala              (Georgia State University)                                G. Einevoll             (Norwegian Univ. Life Sci.)

L. Gollo                (Queensland Inst Med Res.)                                 R. Hindriks          (Universitat Pompeu Fabra)

F. IsikKarahanoglu    (EPFL & Univ. Geneva)                                  J. Lizier (CSIRO)

T. Mäki-Marttunen (Tampere Univ. Technol.)                                    J. Mejías                              (University of Ottawa)

D. Pinotsis                   (Univ. College London)                       V. Priesemann (Max Planck Institute for Brain Research)

D. Van De Ville            (EPFL & Univ. Geneva)