New-Tech: Less Common Types of Flashlights

Although we live in a world that is well-powered and has a continuous supply of electricity, portable light sources come in handy on several occasions. Flashlights, torches, or emergency lamps are the most common types of portable devices.

However, there are some newer but less common types of flashlights that are currently available. These serve different purposes because of their unique features. Here is a quick tour around the new techs that are less common but still powerful.

  1. There are flashlights that are manufactured exclusively with the intention that its user may control the amount of light required at a particular time. In such flashlights, precision and dexterity are very important. These flashlights help you adjust the brightness of the LED (light emitting diode) and finds use as cop lights, strobe lights, flashing lights, and even as warning lights.
  2. Another less common yet highly specific type of flashlights is the flashlights of a working professional. Here the flashlights enable you to set down the required amount of light that needs to work on a particular task.
  3. There is another class of flashlights that are the size of a bullet. They are commonly referred to as the mini tactical flashlights that have LEDs as the light source. These flashlights are so small, compact, bright, and easy to carry around. In addition, these flashlights are tough, waterproof, and fireproof.
  4. Another less common type of flashlights is the ones that are exclusively used for signaling purposes. For example, these powerful flashlights have excellent throw and may be used to signal distress, send out SOS (save our souls) message, and even used as a signaling torch in the rail industry.
  5. There is yet another class of flashlights that are gaining popularity. These are the powerful and brightest portable flashlights. The main advantage of these flashlights is that these can be used any time you want and provide the strongest beam that is ever available.