Smart Ways Technology Can Help Fight the War on Drugs

One major problem that affects many families across the world is the problem of drug abuse. Although the war on drugs has been initiated a long time back, there is still a lot to go to get rid of it completely. This is mainly because although measures are being taken, the number of drug abusers is on the rise. However, technology has a way of simplifying and hastening the process for us. Check out some of the useful guides on drug-fighting at payspi.

Here are a few smart ways by which we can use technology to help us in our fight against drugs.

  1. Apps – Today apps are in plenty. Almost everything and anything has an app for it. The same goes for checking drug overdose across a particular location. There is an app that shows real-time data pinpointing locations that display an overdose of drugs on a map. Hence, it comes in handy in determining where and when to impose immediate attention. Further, it also helps in forecasting where there could be a possible drug overdose to initiate preventive measures.
  2. RFID Tags – Radio Frequency Identification Devices tags have been used to fight the counterfeit on drugs that pours into the global market unidentified. The RFID tags that are used in packaging helps to track the source and delivery point of medicines right from its manufacturers to its retailers. This ensures that no illegitimate drugs are sold online or over the counter in the name of medicines.
  3. Edible Smart Tags – An alternative to the susceptible RFID tags are the edible smart tags that also intend to wipe out drug counterfeits. The small size makes it almost invisible to the naked eye. It costs low, is inert, and is biocompatible. Moreover, tampering with these tags is impossible, which serves its purpose.