The Robots Are Coming – Will They Really Take All Our Jobs?

There are many who feel that the bot era is not far away. With artificial intelligence systems getting better at mimicking human decision-making processes, with the automation taking over several processes in the workflow, there is one question in everyone’s mind – ‘Will the bots take over our jobs?’

It is tricky to answer the question without giving a little introduction to what artificial intelligence or the use of bots is all about. When we talk about bots they are not always human-like structures mechanized to move around and perform several activities. Bots are pieces of code that can be written in different programming languages so as to perform a given task – take an input, process the information based on the defined set of rules and give an output. This type of computation is upgraded with practical features like self-learning capacities to improve the decision-making process, natural language processing abilities to understand human language better and to give better responses and other such sophistication that make the bot more convenient to use.

Bots can allow employees to concentrate on tasks that add value

The whole purpose of developing bots is to automate the tasks that take time. And there are strenuous redundant tasks especially for businesses like van leasing companies where the smallest error can lead to major problems. Such activities can all be automated with the help of bots. So the employees can leave out the mundane roles and take up tasks that actually help them in additional value to the company and improve their career.

Bots can create new roles

While several jobs might be obsolete after bots take them over, there would be plenty of new opportunities that come up. The transition time might be a tough phase to cross but this can be seen as a chance to get your skill set updated so as to be ready for better jobs.