Tips Making a YouTube Channel and Screen Recording

Creating a screen recording is a great way to share helpful tips and advice with YouTube followers. There are many different programmes which can be used to help record your screen, although there is also a feature on YouTube which allows you to do this. Here, we will look at some tips to help you make a screen recording to add to your YouTube channel.

Depending on what the topic of your channel is, screen recording can be a really great way to make your channel more authentic. If you also record audio, you can talk viewers through what you are doing and help them get to know you a bit better – it makes your videos feel more personal and real.

To get started recording a screen, you can first browse and download a suitable programme. Each has its own methods, and there are usually instructions provided to help you get started. Then, the video can simply be uploaded to your channel just like any other video on your PC.

If you wish to record a screencast directly from YouTube, first select upload, then choose event under the Live Streaming section. Ensure the video is set to private, then continue to go live. You can choose to use the webcam and/or microphone during recording, and there is also the option for screensharing, which is what you’ll need to use to make a screen recording.

This process is really simple, once you’ve tried it once you will be sure to use it again and again. You can use the feature to help teach users something new, or to share something interesting you have found. If you want to increase your YouTube following, you can views kaufen YouTube. This means you can buy real views on your channel, giving it more authority and helping rank higher in searches.