Initial Training Network - NAMASEN

NAMASEN is an initial training network under the FP7 Marie-Curie actions, starting in October 2011. It deals with Neuroelectronics and Nanotechnology, as a ground towards a Multidisciplinary Approach for the Science and Engineering of Neuronal Networks. NAMASEN targets both technological and scientific priorities, such as the development of novel multi-electrode arrays and advanced interfaces that functionally interact with neurons and networks. NAMASEN investigates neuro-electronic hybrids as devices able to undergo a functional and anatomical reconfiguration, on the basis of the activity-dependent plasticity and rewiring properties of neurons, under some control by the experimenter. In more details, NAMASEN consists in:

Advanced Training

It provides 12 young researchers with the opportunity to work in Europe's leading laboratories in Neuroengineering, Material Sciences, and Computational Neurosciences. Fellows across the network will work together in interdisciplinary research teams on cutting-edge questions. Recruited fellows will receive part of their training (3-6 months) at one or more of the other partner sites. Fellows will have the opportunity to work with our industrial partners in the development of new technology for research, providing also opportunities outside of academia.

Basic & Applied Research

Neuroelectronics is today a mature discipline, at the boundaries between neurobiology, electrophysiology, computational neurosciences, microelectronics, materials sciences, and nanotechnologies. In NAMASEN, each component and the specific application contexts (i.e. basic research, neuroprosthetics, and pharmaceutical applications), are represented and combined in a concerted effort, towards the training of a new generation of researchers and professionals.

...and ultimately

NAMASEN brings together 8 academic groups, 3 industrial partners, and 2 research institutions organizations with a mission to lay the foundation of a virtual scientific institute for the multi-disciplinary study of Neuroengineering and Network-Neurosciences that will train a new generation of scientists and professionals and that will contribute to Europe’s leading role in scientific innovation.

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